In 1913 Mr. Priester senior started his business, selling and manufacturing products made out of leather.

He was specialized in trunks for people traveling to the Dutch Indies. His sons upgraded to luxery products with stylish design.
These days the granddaughter Alice Priester is still going strong with the business.
Together with her husband they keep up, the finest tradition in leather made products in Holland.
Busy as always maintaining quality.

We`ll answer your questions in English, looking forward to meet you

24 oktober 2016

Het wordt tijd voor een wat rustiger bestaan, na 104 jaar Priester Lederwaren gaat de winkel in de huidige vorm stoppen.

It is time for a quieter life, 104 years of Priester Lederwaren will stop in its present form.

The next generation has arrived to continue with enthusiasm and new ideas:
(Amanda Hofman, Nick en Wendy Spier) are proud to announce our new shop:

"Bij Priester"

It will be situated in the same the location where Priester Lederwaren was established for 104 years.

The opening of this new shop is planned for February 2017!

We are guided by Ms. Priester herself.
Her contribution in the background as a teacher and craftswoman will guarantee quality and inspiration.

You can expect from us:

Repair & custom design
We sell leather goods and accessories
Clothing library with Dutch sustainable clothing
Workshops & events

Below the collection of our brands. (More brands will be available in the near future):
Castelijn & Beerens
April recycled leather goods

Mrs. Priester can be contacted after making an appointment with the current phonenumber and email adress. Only for special custom work, repair and opinion.

W.J. Perreijn
A. Perreijn-Priester